What We Do in the Shadows (2014)

Amazon Prime Streaming Recommendation - Halloween Edition: New Zealand actor/director/producer Taika Waititi may now be better known for giving us one of the most crowd-pleasing movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with "Thor: Ragnarok" (the film that made Thor a fan favorite overnight). But before he was on Hollywood's radar, he was making a name... Continue Reading →


Mandy (2018)

Strange, surreal and dreamlike barely begin to cover Panos Cosmatos’ bizarre and blood-thirsty vengeance film, Mandy. It’s a trip and a half, or was it two and half trips?

Arthouse Theaters and the Challenges Facing Them

FilmScene is a small arthouse theater in Iowa City that takes pride in showcasing the best of independent cinema and supporting arts education in the local community. Today, I’m sitting down with Programming Director Rebecca Fons to discuss how FilmScene decides which movies to show and what challenges face smaller theaters.

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